*Company Profile
Company name MuMs Co., Ltd.
President: Ms.Mana Iwamoto
Established in October, 2008
Head Office: Tama-shi, Tokyo Sakuragaoka (registration address)?
Daikanyama office and Paris office(for contact)

*Main business activities
1/Consulting services related to beauty and medical care.
   Development and provision of diagnostic services using AI.
   Optimization of treatment plans utilizing digital technology.

2/Consulting services for media development and public relations activities.
   Optimization of PR strategies using social media analysis.
   AI analysis and optimization of content marketing.

3/Planning and development of cosmetics and health foods, etc.
   Development of new products and market research using AI.
   Product promotion utilizing digital marketing.

4/Market research and marketing services related to the preceding items.
   Prediction of market trends and strategy formulation using data analysis.
   Consumer behavior analysis and segmentation using AI.

*A business establishment
Shibuya office
1F Shibuya Matsunaga Bldg, 1-13-14 Higashi Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0011 JAPAN
TEL 050-5534-1407

Paris Office
Paris 5nd. Cartier Latin
TEL&FAX +33(0)143269501