President's HP

Thank you for visiting our website. Our company plans a realistic happiness to everyone in terms of beauty. 'What's the beauty for human being?' We express the Aesthetics in the method of healthy mind and body.

Medicine aims human happiness by maintaining its health, but in general, we only realize its need after being sick. However, in the field of beauty medicine, not only it is to maintain the beauty, it is also considered as a positive medicine to meet a wish to become even more beautiful. In addition to that, it is a preventive medicine to avoid a non-illness.

It is a quarter of century that I began to investigate about 'Beauty' as a theme of my life. During these past 10 years, I made several return trips between Japan and France, being engaged in the research of woman's beauty about its maintenance and deepening. I have gathered maximum of information by attending seminars, lectures or by supervising and consulting cosmetic production.

Based on the compilation of all these experience and results of my survey, I have established a new company to express my proper definition of 'beauty'.
The company name is MuMs (called MU-MU-SU). Several meanings are implicated:

The word 'M' comes from my name Mana, 'u' from the Universe in its endless space, and 'Ms' could be from the word 'Miracle' or 'Muse', the goddess of poetry.
Women (Ms), married or not, are determined to serve their responsibility in terms of Beauty. Well, different definition can be involved in this name.

The fact that I set up my own company, things would be easier to assume my long years of accumulation and to realize ideas. One is production of articles such as cosmetics or healthy foods, the other one is creation of Media. From these various expressions, I believe that I could be directly useful for people's needs.

The company is committed, from people's severe views and voices, to brush up its care from bold idea and activities. 'What's beauty?' is a subject of diligence for me as well as everyone. I am hardly working everyday for everyone's happiness through my expression of beauty.

Thank you for your attention.